Social Tailoring

The Social Tailoring is first of all a place where different cultures and different skills meet, respectively, of the levels of experience approached both within this laboratory and in other spaces.

There are many tasks entrusted to the couturiers of the tailor's shop, in order to strengthen more and more the common goal of training and spending their time in this productive activity which is slowly disappearing.

SuitUp has decided to entrust most of its production to the Social Tailoring to support this project. In addition to the shared social value, not least the environmental value that is supported by the social tailoring itself; in fact, thanks to the donation of a large foundation in Milan, the tailor's shop has the possibility of recovering surplus quality fabrics in a circular economy perspective.

Since the first months of Suitup, attention has always been paid to the search for the best fabrics, where possible recovery of deadstocks, or closures of Italian production and commercial companies, but sometimes also small surpluses of big Italian brands at competitive prices for the sector of the small craftsmanship to which SuitUp belongs.